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Anatomical Heart Series

"Feet on the ground, heart as wide as the world."

Flower Head Goddesses Series

"Let us live like flowers, wild and beautiful, and drenched in sun."

New Postcard Prints

These postcard prints offer a miniature yet impactful way to bring art into your life. With their affordability & versatility, they make for thoughtful gifts, portable art on the go, & a means to support yours truly while creating an art-inspired atmosphere in your living spaces.

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Size: 6 x 8in Year: 2024 Materials: Mixed media 184lb paper, Micron pen, Staedtler graphite pencil, Posca acrylic marker, jelly roll pen, golden pen touch, Kuretake watercolor finished with gloss brilliant varnish. Only 1 available.  Embossed & signed by Emily Deechaleune. Read More